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Freeze Alarm

Maybe a Freeze Alarm is a good idea...


Freeze Alarm

 Protect & Prevent

When you think of Temperature Monitoring, Think Freeze Alarm for both HOT and COLD monitoring.The Freeze Alarm can call you if the temperature gets too warm or too cold, if the power goes out or if the back-up battery requires replacement.Here are few applications:

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers
Computer Rooms
Clean Rooms / Laboratories
Food Service Equipment
Greenhouses & Nurseries
Failed A/C for Home & Business
Remote “on & off” Switching
Water and Flood Detection
“Lock-out” & “Reset” Switch Monitoring
Home or Cabin Temperature Monitoring
Intermediate - Freeze Alarm

Intermediate Freeze Alarm

-Calls up to three phone numbers if temperature rises above or drops below set-point.
-Set-point from –49° to 199° F
-Calls if power fails or battery needs replacing
-Call to Freeze Alarm to check current temperature or power status



Deluxe Plus Freeze Alarm

Does all that the Intermediate model plus:
-Allows you to attach other alarm devices like
       1.Water Alarm
       2.Auxiliary Temp Sensor
       3.Motion Sensor or other device
-Remotely switch a device or adjust the Heat or A/C by phone.






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