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Harman PC-45

 Harman PC 45 Corn Stove
The Harman PC 45 is first and foremost a state-of-the-art corn burning stove. The engine is specifically designed for burning corn. If the customer desires, a different burn pot that is designed for burning pellets can be installed without tools.

Harman’s research showed that some form of agitator was required in order to break the 40,000 BTU per hour threshold. Corn melts and fuses as it burns, forming partially burned clinkers. If the burning corn is agitated, these clinkers are broken up to allow more complete burning. The corn ash that is ejected into the ash pan by the PC 45 is more completely burned than other corn stoves. Oyster shells or some other additive are not required.

The stove is designed to have the longest between-cleaning interval in the industry. While other corn stoves plug, clog, or go out in a matter of hours or at best days, the PC 45 is capable of burning for 1-2 weeks, depending on the corn’s moisture content and physical properties. In real-world testing, the PC 45 burned more than 50 days without attention beyond emptying the ashes. The PC 45 is the first practical auto-ignition corn stove available. The igniter is designed to light corn in less than 5 minutes.

Harman’s automatic temperature control eliminates “hot/cold” cycles. The real advantage of this system is efficiency: by eliminating the 3 degree “overshooting” of a set temperature, fuel is not wasted by making the room warmer than desired.

The PC 45 has a large swing open ash door. The oversize ash pan is easy to remove and includes a carrying handle.

The large glass door gives an excellent view of the fire. The Harman air wash system provides plenty of supplementary air to keep the glass remarkably clean. Corn burns with a blue-orange flame that is pleasant to the eye and is easily seen in the PC 45.

The Harman PC 45 is easily converted to burning pellets. An optional grate kit can be purchased if the customer desires to alternate between fuels. The corn igniter can ignite pellets in less than one minute after the initial feed stops.

If corn is the right fuel for you, Harman has the stove, the PC 45.
Room Sensor
The room sensor works with the automatic temperature control. The sensor is hard wired to the stove and can be extended to any point in the room. It can be placed centrally or by a favorite chair. The stove will maintain the temperature at that location. This is superior to the often-arbitrary location of a thermostat on a wall. The room sensor makes the room comfortable where you want it to be comfortable
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Harman Gold Warranty*
Harman's stove warranty is carved in stone. Don't be fooled by the "lifetime" warranties you see offered by other stove companies. Read the fine print.

Only Harman offers a stove warranty as extensive as the Harman Gold Warranty. Harman Stoves are manufactured with precision using the highest quality materials and they are built to a higher standard than other stoves on the market. We express our confidence in the manufacturing and performance of our stoves by offering each customer the best warranty in the industry.

6 years material & workmanship – covers the body of the stove and components made by the Harman Stove Company.

3 years parts  & labor for mechanical & electrical components – covers circuit boards, wiring, motors and igniters.

100% Transferable to new owner

Refer to the warranty form that comes with your stove or ask your Harman dealer for a detailed explanation of the Harman Gold Warranty and procedures for making a warranty claim.

* Central heat and boiler models are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.
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