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Corn Stoves & Inserts


Corn Stoves and Inserts
Nothing is more inviting than a warm welcoming fire on a cold evening.

Harman PC-45
(Auto Ignition)
Harman's automatic temperature control in the PC45 eliminates wasted fuel by efficiently controlling hot/cold cycles.  With a large swing open ash pan door and handle, the over-sized ash pan is easy to remove.


Countryside Baby
 (Auto Ignition)
The Countryside Baby is reliable but has today's hottest technology, self-ignition and a sleek cabinetry look as well.  Its small size won't take up too much room, but will still keep you nice and toasty warm.
up to 40,000 Btu's
Countryside 3500P 
The Countryside 3500P is the original certified corn burning / biomass appliance in the world.  It has the longest burn times between cleaning in the industry.  Call me old reliable every hour, every day, every year.
up to 45,000 Btu's
Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon 
Designed to blend superbly with your fine home furnishings, the Mt. Vernon is a high performance pellet stove.  Truly a work of art, it is beautifully crafted from traditional cast iron for a lifetime of warm memories.
up to 60,000 Btu's
Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon Insert 
Nothing is more inviting than a warm welcoming fire on a cold evening. That’s why more families select the extra-large Mt. Vernon AE fireplace insert. Its powerful engine can produce enough heat to softly warm your home day in and day out. up to 60,200 Btu's
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