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Customer Referal Program - Electrical, Plumbing or A/V install

Let Us Reward You!

At Freier’s we appreciate your business and know that our most valuable marketing tool is our satisfied customer. And now we want to reward those customers who tell their family and friends about our services with our Freier Reward Customer Referral Program.

      To participate is simple. Just fill out the area below with the names of people you know who would be interested in getting the best quality service on any electrical, plumbing or A/V installation. Send us the names and we do the rest. Upon completion of the referral service we will write you a check for $50.00 as a reward; however the referral must have a value of at least $1000.00. There is no limit to how many referrals a customer can submit.

Rules and Eligibility:

  1. Only existing Freier’s customers are eligible for the program.
  2. The referral must be given to Freier’s before initial customer contact. No credit will be given for quotes and installations already in progress or completed.
  3. There is no limit to the number of referrals a customer can submit.
  4. Referral service must be complete within 3 months of initial contact.
  5. Program payment will be made only after referred service is fully completed and paid for.

If you have any questions Freier Reward Customer Referral Program, please call Linette at 715-273-3658 or 1-800-370-6545.


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