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UltraMax Ultra Violet Whole House Air Quality

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Ultravation UltraMAX uses the natural power of ultraviolet light to control airborne allergens and microorganisms — bacteria, viruses and mold growth on HVAC interior surfaces.

Natural UV light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. UltraMAX improves the air in your entire home by doing the same thing indoors. . . inside your HVAC system! And UltraMAX also destroys mold and mildew on interior HVAC surfaces for a cleaner running, more efficient HVAC system. Since UltraMAX installs in your HVAC system, it’s always completely out of the way and operates silently!

UltraMAX Germicidal UV
Get even more effective germ killing effectiveness plus odor reduction ReFresh Odor Control

UltraMAX Gold Single 12" T3™ remote-mount UV lamp with UV shield/magnetic mount. Operates on 24VAC or 110-240 VAC

UltraMAX UME Economy Series shown with two remote-mount 17" T3 UV lamps. Operates on 24VAC or 110-240VAC

UltraMAX 24VAC compact and economical EZUV single lamp system.
UltraMAX™ whole home germicidal air treatment

Combines top performing ProgressiveMedia filtration with UltraMAX germicidal UV treatment and ReFresh household odor reduction.

  • Bring healthier air to your home with UltraMAX UV air and surface treatment. Kills millions of bacteria viruses and allergens as they pass through your HVAC system.
  • How UV Works: UV-C light is a natural disinfectant because it penetrates the membranes of microorganisms, reacts with and disrupts their DNA, rendering them harmless.
  • Add optional ReFresh™ Odor Reduction to decompose hundreds of household odors and enhance germicidal effectiveness
How UltraMAX™ works

The UV light penetrates cells and breaks up DNA, destroying their ability to reproduce

Mounted in ductwork, the UV light silently destroys millions of airborne microorganisms

Mounted near the HVAC coils, UltraMAX keeps the coil clear of mold—a major contributor to airborne allergens in air-conditioned homes

The ReFresh™ odor reduction module

UV powered, the ReFresh™ system harmlessly breaks down odors. About the size of a UV lamp, a module is a grid coated with a proprietary titanium dioxide formula. The coating is energized by the UV light and in turn reacts with the complex VOC (volatile organic compound) molecules that make up hundreds of household odors. It actually works on the same principle as an automotive catalytic converter! In addition, the reaction also destroys microorganisms which enhances the system’s germicidal ability.

UltraMAX Gold™ 50% more UV with ultimate convenience
Put UV where it's needed mostEnergy efficiency and powerRequires no extra spacePatented T3 UV lampStatus DisplayConvenience and Safety

Put UV where it is needed most. Available mounting bracket focuses UV on needed areas and blocks UV from sensitive areas.

Energy efficiency and power. State of the art ESPII electronic power supply runs cool and better controls lamps, saving energy

Requires no extra space. Compact 5" x 6 1/8" galvanized cabinet attaches to convenient flat surface nearby HVAC system

Patented** T3™ UV lamp. With safety connector system and unique quartz thermal lamp sleeve — an important key to the superior UV performance of UltraMAX™

Status Display. Confirms lamp(s) operation, and expiration status including 30 days advance notification.

Convenience and Safety. UVLampMonitor microprocessor control triggers audible and visual alarms to remind when to change UV lamps, or to notify if a lamp goes out.

UltraMAX Additional Features

Save Energy with UltraMAX™

Keep your HVAC system running at top efficiency by keeping cooling coils cleaner — UltraMAX UV keeps the coil free of mold and other bio-growth. UltraMAX UV can easily save more energy than it consumes!

Best Warranty

The UltraMAX system is covered by a best-in-industry ten year warranty. (see warranty statement for complete details). And you save money and the environment when you use your UV lamps for their maximum two-year life span (Please note: for people with respiratory conditions or other acute sensitivities, we still recommend annual lamp changes).

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